Japanese Bonsai Shears - Carbon Steel (A4)


Bonsai Shears (Carbon Steel) - Japanese Made

These professional Yoshiaki Bonsai shears are excellent for detail pruning. slightly larger than A-2 and smaller than A3. Larger loop handles are spaced to avoid accidental crushing. Very long life with proper use.

They're truly are a delight to use and hand forged with high-carbon steel. They are the preferred tools of World Renown Bonsai Master Masahiko Kimura. 

The 8" (200mm) Yoshiaki Carbon Steel Bonsai Shear is a very popular tool that's the perfect combination of precision and power. the blade is 2", same as the A3.

The blade on these shears is more petite than traditional Bonsai shears which helps with jobs that require a greater level of finesse, but believe us, the lack of blade size does nothing to hinder its effectiveness when it comes to jobs that require strength.

About Yoshiaki: 

Yoshiaki Bonsai Tools are made the old fashion way - By hand, with some modern machinery. The machine forms the edges outline, then humans finish the edges, assemble and finish the product. The craftsmanship and cutting performance of Yoshiaki tools is superior and why bonsai enthusiast prefer this brand.