Tinyroots Bowed Carbon Steel Bonsai Shears


Tinyroots Bowed Carbon Steel Bonsai Shears - Known as Ashinaga Shears, These Traditional Shaped Bonsai Shears Are The #1 Selling.

The "Bowed Shears” is similar to the traditional Butterfly shears in virtually every way except the shape of the handle. Simply put, they’re the American Version of the Japanese Butterfly shear. The bowed shears are favored in the U.S. because of their familiar scissor feel.

While the "Butterfly" shaped shear is the bonsai tool that is most familiar by site, the bowed handle is probably the most used of the shears in the U.S. Most people feel that they give them a tighter fit in their hand and therefore, more control.

Shears should be the first tool you buy. As your bonsai tree grows long shoots, you'll need to trim them - pruning shears are the right tool for the job. For trimming roots, twigs, and branches easily and precisely, this is the essential tool.

This tool is best suited for trimming, cutting and pruning but is sharp and powerful enough to cut directly through branches that are strong and thick.

Carbon Steel Dimensions: 200 mm