Carrier: We ship most orders via UPS ground shipping. Our commercial volume discount keeps shipping costs as low as possible. We charge you for the cost of shipping.

Water: While in transit it is important that there is enough moisture so we water thoroughly prior to shipping.

Boxing: All trees are shipped in a corrugated box.  We make sure there is enough space on each side to give the bonsai a chance to breathe.

Padding: Peanuts are added to the corrugated boxes.  This ensures each tree is secure and protected from the heat and cold.

Careful Packaging: Our order fulfillment team takes great care when packaging your orders. Since each order contains a unique assortment of products with varied shapes, sizes and weights, they package each order with the safety of the products and the most cost-effective manner of packaging in mind. 

LTL Shipments: On occasion the volume of your order warrants a pallet. In these cases we seek the best possible quote to get your shipment to you safely at the most reasonable price.

Federal Express: If Applicable

Using Your Own Shipper Number: We are happy to ship your orders using your UPS or Fedex shipper number. To arrange this, please indicate your shipper number during checkout. If you have any questions about our shipping policies, feel free to contact Customer Service by email or by calling 555-555-5555.


We strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible for our customers while ensuring the safety of the merchandise during transit. With such a variety of products in all shapes, sizes, weights and levels of fragility, we unfortunately cannot make a general rule about what percentage of your order total shipping costs will comprise. However, here are a few guidelines for understanding shipping costs:

  • Large items, even if they are lightweight, incur higher shipping costs due to the volume of the shipping box.
  • Heavy items, even if they are small, incur higher shipping costs due to the weight of the shipping box.
  • Fragile items often incur higher shipping costs, as additional packaging is required to ensure no damage to the item occurs.our text here...

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