Bonsai Gravel for Top Dressing Your Soil


River Rocks. Great for Lucky Bamboo, Humidity Trays, or Top Dressing of Plants. 

Every Bonsai needs new gravel now and then; the top dressing gravel always seems to wash away and the right size and color are hard to find.  These Rocks serve multiple purposes. We've seen people use them to top dress their soil (e.g. different appearance), but they can also be added to humidity trays. Rather than have you bonsai tree sit on top of the humidity tray, place some rocks on the tray first. This will add a bit of color, but more importantly, ensure that you tree is not sitting in water. 

** Each bag contains approximately two (2) cup of rocks, which is enough to cover about one square foot of ground.  Two cups is roughly two lb. of gravel.  

pH balanced and 100 natural so no weird stuff will wash off of this gravel into your soil.