Bonsai Tree Raffia for Branch Protection


Bonsai Tree Raffia for Branch Protection

Imported Raffia. Raffia is used to protect the branches and bark of your bonsai tree when using branch benders or training wire. Raffia is an essential element in the process of wiring your bonsai tree - don't skip it.

Here's how it works: Soak the Raffiain water for 30 minutes and then wind it tightly around the length of the branch. As the raffia dries it will shrink and tighten a bit, giving the branch more support - to ensure it does not snap when shapping.

In addition to protecting and strengthening the branch, Raffia helps keep the branch supple and pliable and prevents the bark from drying out and developing cracks. I also dramatically reduces the scars associated with wiring by preventing the wire from digging directly into the branch as it grows.

Raffia is also commonly used in the Bonsai "shaping" process by tethering it to the trunk of the tree, and a branch, to pull it down into a natural looking downward position.

* This package is approximately 40, 3-foot strands of Raffia.