Tinyroots Carbon Steel Traditional Bonsai Wire Cutters - Designed to Cut Wire Without Damaging the Branch.


Tinyroots Carbon Steel Traditional Bonsai Wire Cutters

Bonsai tree training usually involves wire to position and shape trunks and branches – wire is the “magic wand” of bonsai tree styling. But when wire goes on, it eventually has to come off. That’s where a good pair of wire cutters are mandatory.

It is good practice to remove training wire by cutting it off. Depending on how tight the wire has become around the branch as it has grown, it’s a good rule of thumb to cut the wire every time it circles the branch. Sometimes we leave the wire on a little too long before we realize that the branch is growing bigger and the wire is starting to penetrate into the limb.

This is where the wire cutter is needed to do the trick. Bonsai wire cutters have very short cutting blades. This greatly increases the mechanical advantage of the tool. The tip of the wire cutter is round and gives the user great control of the depth of the cut. It cuts the wire and nothing further, leaving the branch un-touched.

Carbon Steel Dimensions: 210 mm