Tinyroots Succulent Soil Blend


Tinyroots Bonsai Tree Soil - All Purpose Blend

Tinyroots Soil - Succulent Blend

  1. Pre-sifted by hand and ready to use
  2. Won't wash away with watering
  3. Supports proper moisture and drainage
  4. Optimal water penetration to roots
  5. Maximizes fertilizer uptake
  6. Will never break down or compact

Looking for a succulent soil that helps prevent root rot and over watering? Look no further than the Tinyroots Succulent Blend! Our ultra fast draining soil blend is perfect for prized plants like echeveria, succulents, sempervivum, and cactus.

The soil you use affects rooting, feeding, watering and transpiration; it is where half your tree lives so this is our second biggest consideration in maintaining your succulents. 

  • TINYROOTS - Used by professionals at Bonsai Outlet, New England Bonsai, Kaikou School of Bonsai, and it’s the brand trusted by Independent Garden Centers.
  • READY TO USE - Our soil is sifted, hand Mixed, Dried, and Bagged.
  • RESEABLE STAND UP POUCH -  Use what you need, and reseal the pouch for future use. No mistaking what’s inside the pouch or spilling it.
  • INGREDIENTS - a mix of calcine clay, pine bark fines, pumice, and lava rock. It's hand mixed, dried, and bagged.

UPS# 850044996315