Ho Yoku Pesticide (All-Natural)


ALL NATURAL Pesticide In Ready-To-Use Spray Bottle

All bonsai trees and other flora are at risk for infestation from various insect species.  To combat this problem, this pesticide was developed by Ho Yoku as an all-natural remedy that is effective against many commonly encountered insect pests.

When housed in a container, flora like bonsai become even more susceptible to outbreaks of pests.  While insects can still cause damage or death to plants in the wild, once they have established themselves on a potted plant these pests are more likely to escape predation from other insects and animals – which enables them to multiply and overtake containerized flora without interruption.

Some colonies of pests might not be a major problem for a large tree to endure, but pests can be devastating to a compact bonsai. Mites, scale, aphids, borers, white flies, thrips and other unsavory pests suck sap from leaves and bark of bonsai or eat entire plant tissues.  As weaker organisms are much more likely to attract pests, keeping your bonsai and plants healthy is the first step in prevention.

Ho Yoku’s line of support products such as fertilizers, vitamins, minerals, and inoculant are great ways to keep trees and plants happy.

However, sometimes, even the healthiest of bonsai and plants will fall victim to pests.  Early detection and identification of unwanted insects on flora can be the difference between a quickly dispatched nuisance, or a full-blown infestation.

Regardless of which, Ho Yoku’s Pesticide is an all-natural option without the harsh chemicals of other market products that can sometimes add more damage and cause extra stress to bonsai and plants. As such, Ho Yoku should be your first choice of pesticide before reaching for something potentially hazardous.

This product is food-grade safe, kills insect pests and their eggs on contact, and contains no astringent ingredients like citric acid or isopropyl alcohol.  In addition to a pesticide, the spray will also treat powdery mildew!

This miraculous product from Ho Yoku can be used as a preventative, or as a remedy for active infestations and mildew.

Directions:  Ho Yoku recommends applying the Pesticide outdoors when possible, but it can also be sprayed indoors if necessary.

Shake the pesticide before use and continue shaking during use to keep ingredients from separating.  This product cannot eliminate pests and their eggs unless it contacts them, so be sure to thoroughly spray any areas where insects might be hiding from view with a fine mist.

This means a fine mist of Ho Yoku on top, underneath, and inside every angle of your bonsai or plants.  Following application, allow product to air dry in a still, dry, environment. Repeat process of spraying bonsai and plants every other day until pests are eradicated.

It is suggested to continue spraying your host for a few additional cycles after insects disappear.  If infestation returns, restart process.  For treatment of powdery mildew, apply weekly or as needed (more/less frequently).  While there are no counterindications for use, it is always best to err on the side of caution and test Uncle Bill’s pesticide on a small area of your bonsai or plant before continuing to the entire organism.

Caution: Use as directed.  Ho Yoku is an all-natural nontoxic pesticide but contact with eyes and skin should still be avoided.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Each 8oz bottle of pesticide comes ready to use in a spray bottle.