Imported Japanese Pumice by Ho Yoku


Imported Japanese Pumice Additive for Bonsai Soil. 100% Pure - No Dyes, No Chemicals. 

  • Used by the professionals in Japan. We ARE the Importer!!!!
  • Ready-To-Use. Hyuga Pumice is generally dust free, but during shipping, you will see sediment at the bottom of the bag. You may need to sift. 
  • Tan in Color

Pumice is IDEAL FOR PLANT HEALTH. It Promotes Excellent Drainage & Water Retention, Maintains Moisture While Allowing Air Into the Roots

ALL NATURAL: 100% Pure Volcanic Pumice - NO Artificial Coloring, NO Dyes, NO Chemicals.

Pumice is ideal for soil mix's to improve the drainage of bonsai and other container plants. 

  • Pumice is one of the best additive to soil mix for Bonsai, cactus and succulent.
  • It helps retain moisture and improves drainage.
  • All our pumice have been sieved to discard dust and tiny particles.