Flowering Japanese Bonsai Fertilizer - NPK 1.5-9-4.5


Flowering Japanese Bonsai Fertilizer

Imported Flowering Organic Fertilizer Small size 1/4" pellet. Perfect for Bougainvillea, Azalea, Wisteria, and others. Long favored by the Japanese because of its slow release of organic fertilizer.

  • Apply every three to four weeks during the growing season. 
  • Formulated specifically for bougainvillea
  • Easy to apply granular, no mixing, once-a-month application
  • Dramatically increases blooms

The item is from New England Bonsai Gardens and is repackaged (10 oz approx.) so there's no need to buy the entire bag, which can be costly. 

Directions:  scatter pellets across the soil surface and then water.  The pellets will provide a slow, continuous release over the course of two months with subsequent waterings.  The recommended dose is 5 pieces for every 5 inches of pot size.