Tinyroots Stainless Steel 3-Piece Tool Kit


Tinyroots Stainless Steel 3pc Tool Kit - Three of the Most Popular Bonsai Tools Packaged in an Elegant Bamboo Box.

Our Tinyroots brand Stainless Steel 3 Piece Tool Kit offers the best of the best with 3 essential tools any Bonsai enthusiast needs.

These tools are all hand-crafted from the finest grade stainless steel available. Old-world craftsmanship combined with modern technology result in tools of exquisite quality with the aesthetic and feel of fine surgical instruments. This is a gorgeous set of tools

The Stainless Steel 3pc Tool Kit Includes:

  • Traditional "Butterfly" Shaped Bonsai Shear - The "Butterfly" shaped pruning shear is the most popular Bonsai tool on the market. They’re very easy to use, exceptionally powerful because of their unique design and have plenty of room in the handles to accommodate gloved fingers. When it comes to trimming roots, twigs and branches easily and precisely, Butterfly Shears are essential. 180mm. 
  • Concave Cutter - Second only to the shear in terms of popularity, the Concave Cutter is the perfect tool when it comes to branch removal.  The Concave Cutter's razor-sharp edge is specifically designed to make an indentation in the bark, taking a slight “bite” out of the area which allows the wound to heal faster and leaving a scar that's much less prominent.  210 mm.  
  • Wire Cutter - After you've trained and shaped your Bonsai with wire, removing that wire is going to require a good pair of wire cutters.  These Long Handled Wire Cutters have short cutting blades with a rounded tip, giving the user greater control of the cut and insuring that only the wire gets removed while the branches remain untouched.  210 mm.  
  • Bamboo Storage Case - This kit also includes a unique and distinctive hand-rubbed bamboo storage box with a clear panel cover, perfect for safely storing your Tinyroots tools during decades of use.  It also makes for a beautiful gift presentation.