PRE-ORDER Soil Aggregates for Early 2024 (18L Bags)


Expected release date is 28th Feb 2024

Pre-Order Aggregates

Sourcing top-notch Akadama has been quite a journey, but we're thrilled to share a major breakthrough with you. Over the past few years, finding high-quality Akadama that meets our standards has been a challenge, compounded by variations in quality and hardness from some of the Japanese distributors.

However, we're proud to announce a significant milestone – we've partnered and sourced equipment with a trusted Japanese supplier who will produce Akadama tailored to our specifications. This partnership not only allows us to introduce our own uniquely branded Akadama but also empowers us to customize its characteristics, including size, firing, and packaging.

Here's a sneak peek into the firing process and its outcomes:

  • Some Akadama is fired at 250°C, leading to quicker decomposition.
  • Others are fired at a slightly higher temperature of 400°C, sourced from the Ibaraki province, currently facing a supply shortage.

Our goal is to offer high-quality Akadama fired at the optimal temperature of 400°C. But it’s not just about temperature. There’s a firing process & balance ensures that the clay's internal water content remains intact, preserving the Cation exchange capacity and resulting in significantly tougher particles. The type of Akadama we are bringing to market will retain its' exceptional properties, including efficient water and nutrient absorption, excellent retention capabilities, and notably, slower decomposition.

Get ready for the spring season as we'll be selling this premium Akadama in convenient 18L bags, perfect for those who mix their own soil. Similar to Japanese Hyuga Pumice, also available in 18L bags. We'll continue to offer Akadama in our retail-ready 2.5Qt packaging.

IMPORTANT – We need your pre-orders to ensure we can source what you need prior to spring repotting season.

  • Ho Yoku Branded Akadama Shohin Size Particles (18L bag)
  • Ho Yoku Branded Akadama Standard Size Particles (18L bag)
  • Ho Yoku Branded Akadama Large Size Particles (18L bag)
  • Japanese Hyuga Pumice Standard Size Particles (18L bag)
  • American Pumice Shohin Size Particles (18L Bag) 
  • American Pumice Standard Size Particles (18L Bag) 
  • American Pumice Large Size Particles (18L Bag) 
  • Red Lava Standard Size Particles (18L Bag)
  • Red Lava Large Size Particles (18L Bag)

If you need your soil ready-to-use (mix, sifted, and bagged) we can offer this service as well. Email us at if this is the option you prefer.

They will be bagged in 2.5 Gallon Stand Up Pouches. We can label them or offer them without labels. And, if you would like us to add your customer branded label to the bags, we can provide you with the dyeline and/or help you design your own label.

Please place your order prior to December 31, 2023 to ensure timely delivery. Late submissions will be added to a queue.

A 25% deposit will be required.

Pickup and/or delivery: Ideally, you’ll pickup at NEBG on a specific agreed upon day. However, delivery arrangements can be made.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!