Medium Bonsai Pots - 6 piece selection (6"-8")


Medium Bonsai Pots - 6 Piece Selection - Sizes Range from 6"-8"

This Pot Selection will include six (6) Medium pots. We'll choose a selection of 6" to 8" pots in different glazes, shape, and depth. We ship what is most popular and nothing shallow.

These are pots that we use ourselves and highly recommend.

Not all bonsai pots are created equal. A lot of pots come with water drainage holes way too small for bonsai trees. We use the same pots for our trees. They have large drainage holes and we also include free drainage mesh for each pot. You can choose to sell the drainage mesh separately to customers, but know that it is included with each pot we send to you. 

What's Included:

  • 6 Piece Pot Selection (6"-8")
  • Drainage Mesh for Each Pot