Ho Yoku 0-10-10 Liquid Fertilizer


0-10-10 Liquid Fertilizer

Fertilizers can be confusing.  What does NPK mean?  What are the best numbers to have?  When should it be used?

Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) are the main ingredients in fertilizer.

These essential macronutrients can be synthetic or organic in nature and balanced NPK numbers are generally preferable.  However, there are specific instances in which withholding nitrogen can be essential for optimal plant health and results.  Nitrogen encourages foliage growth and crown development, but if this phenomenon occurs during the wrong season,

Fall or early-Winter, any new growth is at risk of dieback or failure which will weaken the organism.  In some instances, dieback can even be fatal.

As such, Ho Yoku 0-10-10 fertilizer is recommended for Fall and early-Winter; the balanced phosphorus and potassium will keep a tree healthy and developing roots into the dormancy period without triggering hazardous unseasonal foliage growth.

Similarly, with flowering species of bonsai and plants such as Azalea, Ume/plum, Quince, Camellia, and others – these organisms should not be given nitrogen just before or during bloom.  Restricting nitrogen allows bud and blossom health to be the primary focus of the flora.

Lastly, nitrogen in fertilizers can damage newly pruned roots, which is why 0-10-10 is the perfect choice for recently repotted bonsai and plants.


Mix 1 tablespoon of Ho Yoku 0-10-10 fertilizer for every gallon of water and pour evenly over bonsai and other plants.  Do not use on recently watered material or water immediately after application as this will further dilute the concentration of macronutrients.  Apply every 2-4 weeks to flora meeting the criteria described for this product.


Use only as directed.  Keep away from children and pets.

Each 8oz bottle of Ho Yoku 0-10-10 fertilizer comes ready-to-mix with a convenient disc-cap cover for ease of pouring.