Tropical Growers Selection - Garden Center's Favorite


Tropical Growers Selection

Introducing our Tropical Growers Selection, a curated assortment of beautiful and easy-to-care-for bonsai trees, perfect for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

With the soaring popularity of bonsai, our Growers Selection offers a convenient and diverse range of trees to delight your customers.

What To Expect:

  1. Variety of Species: Our selection includes a wide range of tropical and subtropical species, such as Jades, Arboricolas, Brazilian Rain Trees, Narrow Leaf Ficus, Bougainvillea, Natal Plums, Tiger Bark Ficus, Chinese Elms, Brush Cherry, Green Mound Junipers, Clusia, Little John Bottle Brush, and Mistletoe Fig. Please note that species availability may vary.
  2. Expertly Curated: Our experienced nursery lead hand-picks the best trees, ensuring the easiest sell-through and maximum return on investment for your business.
  3. Ready-to-Display: Each tree arrives beautifully presented in a ceramic pot, ready to be showcased in your store or sold to your customers.
  4. Convenient Sizing: The trees range from 4 to 10 inches in pot size, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor displays.
  5. Value Package: Our $1000 package typically includes 26 trees, providing an excellent value for your investment.
  6. Lead Time: Please note that there is a 2-4 week lead time for all our trees, ensuring you receive the freshest and highest-quality specimens.

With 80% of our customers preferring the Growers Selection, you can be confident in offering a diverse and appealing range of bonsai trees that will capture the interest of your customers.

Invest in our Tropical Growers Selection today and elevate your bonsai offerings with ease.