Tropical Growers Selection - Garden Center's Favorite


Tropical Growers Selection

Things to Consider

  • Please Note: There is a 4-8 week lead time for all our trees.
  • Species is limited - Requests can be made but not guaranteed
  • Average price per tree will fall in the $38 range (ideal for retail resale)

The popularity in bonsai has exponentially increased over the years. Because of this strong demand, it's important for you to inventory  "beginner trees". These are trees that sell extremely well, are easy to care for, and will delight customers. 

80% of our customers buy growers selections.

What You Get:

  • Finished trees in ceramic pots. (pot colors will vary in shape and color)
  • Please Note: There is a 4-8 week lead time for all our trees.
  • Our nursery lead will hand pick the best trees that will provide he easiest sell through and return on investment.
  • Tree sizes will be between 4 and 10 inches (pot size)
  • $1000 package - you will typically receive 26 trees with this selection.

Here are the trees you can expect to be shipped. If we need to substitute any trees due to availability we will reach out to let you know.

(5) jades

(5) Arboricola's 

(2) Brazilain Rain Trees

(2) Narrow Leaf Ficus
(2) Bougainvillea
(2) Natal Plums
(3) Tiger Bark Ficus
(3) Chinese Elms
(2) Brush Cherry