Why Go Nursery Direct

Grown With Love

New England Bonsai Gardens is committed to growing the healthiest trees. We accomplish this with our team of experts and our very own Bonsai master.

One-Stop Shopping

There is no need to shop around with different vendors for you Bonsai needs. We have the ability to supply the trees as well as the materials and tools that your customers are looking for and need.

Trusted Sources

Leave the wondering if you are receiving healthy plants to us. We do not source our trees from low-quality growers. Our goal is to make sure all the plants we provide are of the highest quality.


Here at New England Bonsai Gardens we believe bonsai trees to be a creative process. Through this process it can be a welcomed distraction from the stresses of everyday life, it can add value to a home and it can have positive effects on the environment. When working directly with our nursery we strive to make the purchasing process seamless. This seamless experience is highlighted by variety, value and quality offerings. We search for and provide a wide range of bonsai’s while keeping our customers fully informed of any special needs of our trees. We at New England Bonsai Gardens take respect for our customers seriously and dedicate ourselves to only the best customer service.

  • Highly flexible and willing to go the extra mile to put together a product selection that fits your needs
  • Assurance you are receiving A+ quality trees.


Our nurseries are designed to provide only the best high quality Bonsai Trees. With a wide-ranging selection of the finest trees, NEBG can supply Bonsai’s to garden centers, horticulture clubs, wedding planners and much more - and the tools and raw materials - making us a one-stop shop for your bonsai needs.

  • Two nurseries - Located in Massachusetts & Florida
  • Able to ship nationwide


We call ourselves craftsmen because we are skilled in the specific craft of Bonsai. The folks who make New England Bonsai run use their hearts, minds, and hands to produce only the best bonsai trees. We are dedicated to respecting “The Art of Bonsai” and love to share our knowledge without favoritism of skill level.

  • We have our own resident Bonsai Master
  • 30 years experience

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