Japanese Tamahi Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets - Specially designed for coniferous bonsai


Japanese Tamahi Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets

Japanese Tamahi, is a natural 100% natural fertilizer (Japanese import) specially designed for coniferous bonsai. Perfectly balanced (like her older brothers: green king and biogold), as well as vitamins, minerals and nutrients (N, P, K, Ca, Mg); Is the most commonly used fertilizer for fertilizing conifers. 

N:P:K = 5.3:4.0:1.0

  • Organic Tamahi Fertilizer for Bonsai (Large Size)
  • Azoto (N) organico: 5,3%
  • Fosforo (P2O5): 4%
  • Potassio (K): 1%

It is the ideal fertilizer to favor the development of the plant in its vegetative phase because it does not require further integration as it is a slow release fertilizer that releases nutrients for 1 month.

Ideal for fertilizing:

  • Bonsai: With 6" pot, approximately 6 pebbles are used;
  • flowers and plants: with 12" of pots, 8 pebbles are used;

How to use:

1) applied directly to the soil above the roots of the plant (lie on the ground and then water the plant normally, after about 1 month the pebbles will be completely loosened and new pebbles can be used)

2) Dissolve in water (dissolve 3 pebbles in 1 liter of water leaving them to macerate for 1 week and then fertilize the plant for about 1 month to get the best result)

The item is from New England Bonsai Gardens and is repackaged (10oz approximately). so there's no need to buy the entire bag, which can be costly. 

Directions:  scatter pellets across the soil surface and then water.  The pellets will provide a slow, continuous release over the course of two months with subsequent watering.