Mixed Tree Growers Selection ($1,000)


80% of our customers buy growers selections.

The popularity in bonsai has exponentially increased over the years. Because of this strong demand, it's important for you to inventory  "beginner trees". These are trees that sell extremely well, are easy to care for, and will delight customers. 

Growers selections include popular species such as the Hawaiian Umbrella, Mini Jade, Dwarf Brush Cherry, and several others. 

We will call you prior to shipping to let you know the species selected for your order. 

NOTE: This selection will ship from our New England Nursery as it will include deciduous and conifers, in addition to tropical trees. Again, we will call you once we identify the correct mix of bonsai trees. With the Mixed Selection, it will include less trees. Maples, Pines, Chinese Elms, etc... are more expensive.