Lucky Bamboo in 5 oz Plastic Container, Bamboo Crystal 40 Pack


Looking to add some life or color to your party? Are you working on a tight budget? This economical package will be ideal for you. This is one of most inexpensive favor packages. They make great favors for school activities or trade shows freebies. This package contains 40 arrangements. Each arrangement consist of one clear hard plastic container and at least one bamboo each. Each package consist of: 40 x Hard plastic containers. Pot container is 2.4 inch tall. The top diameter is 2.8 inch. The bottom diameter is 1.75 inch. 40 x 4 inch stalks. 2 x 30 gram packets of Bamboo Crystals. Note: * Lucky Bamboos are not tied together when it arrives. Tying bamboo stalks together is optional. * Twist ties help hold 2 or more bamboo stalks together. It is not need when you only have one bamboo in each container. * Select up to 2 different crystal colors. If you want all 2 of the same color, check only the box next to the color your want and we will send you all 2 of the same color. If you select 2 or more colors, we will only send out the first 2 colors.