Glass Wedding Party Lucky Bamboo Centerpiece 12 Pack DT9995_668


This package is great as weddings or events. The are perfect for table centerpieces. This package contains 12 arrangements. Each arrangement consist of a pot and lucky bamboo. Each package consist of: 12 x Glass pots. Pot container is 3.25x3.5 inch (DxH) inch (DxH) (Diameter x Height). 24 x 6 inch straight stalks. 12 x 8 inch straight stalks. Rocks/pebbles are NOT included. Instructions: Options: Lucky Bamboos are not tied together when it arrives. Rocks are NOT included. You may add rocks if it is require. Each pot requires approximately 1.25 lbs of rocks. This package requires approximately 15 lbs of rocks for the 12 pots. Stalks arrive disassembled. When the package arrives, unpack and rinse the roots of stalks. Insert the plants into the container and fill the pots with rocks (not included). You can purchase the rocks from us or from your local pet store or home improvement store.