Brown Pot Chestnut Leaves Lucky Bamboo Party Favor 22 Pack

This package is great as trade shows, party, showers, or wedding favors. Pots are made of ceramic. This package contains 24 arrangements. Each arrangement consist of a pot and plant(s). Give your guest a gift that they can enjoy and keep for a long time. Each favor requires assembly and takes little time to assembly. Each package consist of: 22 Brown Ceramic pots. Each pot has four Chestnut Leaves. Pot container is 2.5" D x 2.5" H. 22 sets of plant (Choose plant option below). Rocks/pebbles are NOT included. Options: Lucky Bamboos are not tied together when it arrives. Tying bamboo stalks together is optional. Rocks are NOT included. You may add rocks if it is require. Each pot required approximately .50 lbs of rocks.