5 Tier Lucky Bamboo in Twin Dragon Vase (GT088_5TL)

Contains: One Twin Dragon Vase. Vase is 10 x 2.5 inch (DxH). Approx 97 stalks total. 6.5 inch in diameter. Thirty-Seven (approx) 4 inch straight stalk. Twenty-Four (approx) 6 inch straight stalk. Eighteen (approx) 8 inch straight stalk. Twelve (approx) 10 inch straight stalk. Six (approx) 12 inch straight stalk. Stalks are pre-assembled. Rock are not required and not included. Overall height will vary. The birthday cake shape make this five tier tower lucky bamboo perfect as new venture gift. Lucky bamboo is the perfect indoor plant to give as a gift. Legend says that it will bring good fortune to its bearer. It requires minimal care and maintenance. Just make sure it has enough fresh water and keep it out of direct sunlight.